What Are the Advantages of Bruxism Treatments?

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Are you displaying any signs that you might be suffering from bruxism? Bruxism is an oral health condition commonly associated with poor sleep and damaged teeth due to inadvertently grinding, gnashing, or clenching your teeth without being aware of it. Even though bruxism can occur while you are awake, it often comes to pass when you are sleeping. If bruxism goes untreated, it can wear down your tooth enamel and your jaw, as well as chip and crack your teeth. Fortunately, there are signs that bruxism may be occurring, and treatments available from your dentist.

Bruxism is hard to spot while it is taking place, as it usually occurs while you sleep, so look for the signs after you wake up. If your teeth ever feel extra sensitive, it could due to a loss of tooth enamel. Be sure to carefully inspect your teeth to make sure they look normal and don’t appear to be flattening or wearing down in any way. Try to inspect your cheek tissue for any signs of damage. Furthermore, you may have bruxism if you have any difficulties in opening or closing your mouth, or tend to get a locked jaw. In some cases, this could also be the result of a temporomandibular joint disorder in your jaw.

Bruxism can grind away the exterior layer of your tooth enamel and expose the underlying layers of dentin. These layers can discolor your teeth, and thus make your smile look much less healthy than it may truly be. To avoid the effects of bruxism on your teeth, including discoloration or loss of enamel, visit your dentist as soon as you begin to notice any signs of bruxism.

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