Like other digital photography, digital X-ray equipment offers medical professionals a sharper image to use in diagnostic procedures. Images can also be digitally manipulated using contrast and brightness alterations in ways that are impossible with traditional X-rays.

Patients are also likely to appreciate that digital X-rays in Pekin, Illinois, can achieve high picture quality with a lower dosage of radiation. In addition, digital images can easily be transferred from Danner Family Dentistry to another doctor’s office or to an insurance company via email, on disc, or by other electronic means. Digital X-rays reduce the environmental impact of radiography in a number of ways. Traditional X-rays require the use of film, fixer, and developer chemicals, which must be disposed of after use. Digital radiography eliminates the need for these materials, as well as the gallons of water used by traditional X-ray developing techniques.

Digital photography allows our dentist to create professional images to communicate information about cosmetic and restorative procedures and benefits. Dr. Michael Danner can create before and after pictures of amalgam replacement, veneering and bonding, tooth whitening, and many other treatments. Digital photography is also a powerful diagnostic and patient education tool. The patient is able to see what the clinician sees and the clinician is able to instill a sense of value as well as encourage open discussion with patients. As with digital X-rays, these images can be transferred from our office to another or insurance company.

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