Untreated Cavities Could Cause a Toothache

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Individuals who frequently struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia are sometimes reticent to seek basic dental care. In many of these situations the person is at increased risk of suffering from problems with chronic gum disease and severe tooth decay.

Early signs that a cavity has started to develop on one of your teeth could include worsening tooth sensitivity and discomfort, as well as a gradual change in the tooth’s surface textures. If you choose to ignore these symptoms the area of tooth decay could worsen and eventually penetrate the sensitive interior of the tooth, causing a toothache.

In a situation like this you need to seek timely treatment from dentist like Dr. Michael Danner before the tooth suffers further distress. After examining the severity of the tooth decay he will present you with an effective treatment plan.

If the area of the decay has penetrated deep into the pulp or root of the tooth, he might need to perform a root canal to excise all compromised structures and create an abutment capable of supporting a dental crown.

Going forward, regular attendance of your routine dental checkups, will help catch minor cavities before they worsen.

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