Solving Denture Problems

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Have you recently gotten dentures? Are you now experiencing some problems that you may not have expected? We would like to help you troubleshoot these issues so that you can once again have confidence in your new smile and what your teeth can do for you.

Trouble Speaking
Initially, your dentures could feel like a foreign object inside your mouth, and your tongue might have a hard time forming the sounds you’re used to making around them. But with some practice, you can get accustomed to speaking with your new teeth, like you used to, once again.

To help you with this, you can practice talking in private or with a close friend. You might also sing along to your favorite song or read passages from a favorite book, for practice. Any of these options can help you get more comfortable and confident with speaking with your dentures.

Problems Eating
You might need a little practice for eating to feel natural when you first get your dentures. They might slip a little when you bite or chew. Some foods, like seeds or nuts, could become caught underneath your dentures and cause discomfort.

You could try practicing eating foods that are easy to eat, and then cutting the soft foods into small pieces to help make chewing easier. To help stabilize your dentures, you could try chewing your food on both sides at the same time. After a little while, you may notice your confidence growing in your chewing abilities and you might start enjoying the foods you once did.

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