Six Benefits a Dental Sealant Can Provide Your Child’s Smile

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Have you considered the perks of dental sealants for your child’s dental health? These preventive tooth restorations cover the chewing surfaces of back teeth to provide extra protection against tooth decay and tooth erosion. Our team is pleased to offer six benefits that dental sealants can provide for your child’s smile:

1. Dental sealants decrease your child’s risk of tooth decay by about 80 percent.

2. They safeguard the teeth against the harmful acids that can develop in the mouth and otherwise weaken the tooth enamel.

3. Dental sealants can last up to ten years before they need to be replaced, guarding your child’s teeth and providing long-lasting protection.

4. Though sealants aren’t offered for infants, children as young as six can receive them, especially for the new permanent molars that begin to erupt around this age.

5. Dental sealants are clear or tooth-colored and will not affect the appearance of your child’s teeth or conceal them in any way.

6. The application of dental sealants can make children with poor dental habits or vulnerable teeth 3 times less likely to suffer from dental cavities.

In addition to helping your child develop effective dental habits, you are welcome to schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Michael Danner, to determine if your child would benefit from dental sealants in Pekin, Illinois. Call 309-346-2145 today to arrange their appointment with Danner Family Dentistry!