Oral Hygiene Improvements: Tooth Restorations

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Take care of your smile in numerous ways and prevent further dental damage from occurring. Always make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your smile. Even the smallest form of dental damage can turn to a serious oral health risk if left untreated. Thus, if any damage has occurred to your teeth, visit your dentist for a tooth restoration procedure.

When it comes time to replace any missing teeth you might have, always look for restorations that are designed to enhance your smile. However, if you only need to repair teeth, numerous treatments can be used. If you are suffering from dental surface stains or discolorations, teeth whitening treatments have been proven to be highly beneficial. You can choose from either a store-bought version or even visit your dentist for highly effective professional whitening systems. However, if the damage is more severe and you are in need of additional protection for a tooth, dental crowns and veneers can be used. Whereas dental crowns cap and conceal the entirety of a tooth down to a gum line, dental veneers only cover up the fronts of teeth. If you have suffered any dental erosion to the point a cavity has arisen, dental fillings can be used.

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