Inquiries Into Tooth Restorations

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If you want to upgrade your smile, you will need to think about tooth restoration treatment options. Oftentimes, restorations are needed if you have suffered any damage to your teeth. Even if you have suffered microscopic damage due to erosion or have suffered significant cracks and chips via oral accidents and injuries, treatments will be needed, so further harm does not occur to your smile. Questions concerning various treatment restorations are as follows:

What are the most common types of tooth restoration treatments?
If you are in need of a tooth restoration treatment, caps and covers in the form of dental veneers and crowns can add an additional layer of protection. To help treat cavities, dental fillings can be used. If you wish to eradicate stains and discolorations and improve the color of your smile, teeth whitening treatments can be used.

How can you end up damaging your teeth and gums?
If you are involved in any unhealthy habits within your lifestyle or high-risk activities that can put you at risk for accidents or injuries, your teeth and gums can be damaged. Furthermore, a lack of proper oral hygiene or a lack of visits to your dentist can put your teeth at risk.

What are the benefits of correcting your teeth with a tooth restoration?
A healthy smile can improve the look of your smile and allow your teeth to continue functioning as intended.

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