Inflammation of the Mouth and Its Causes

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The body’s normal reaction to injury anywhere on the body is to inflame the area. Swelling occurs in an attempt to heal. Normally, inflammation subsides after a few days, but if the injury is severe enough that the body is not able to heal itself, the swelling never leaves, or goes for a time and then reappears.

Your mouth can become inflamed and swollen when you receive a burn from drinking a hot beverage, or bite into food that has not cooled. The scenario is so common that it has the medical term “pizza palate” because of the frequency at which it occurs and the most common food that causes it. While it is uncomfortable and may cause blistering and inflammation, it normally goes away after a few days.

Any chronic, or long-term inflammation of the mouth that persists for more than a week is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection associated with gum disease. Without treatment, this kind can lead to tissue damage that can affect the structures that support the teeth and lead to tooth loss.

Treatment for a swollen mouth depends on the seriousness of the inflammation and the effect it has on your normal functions such as breathing, eating, and speaking. If any of these necessary functions are impeded, come in to see us right away so that we may determine next steps.

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